Getting Certified-Supplier Evaluation-ISO PROS #36

Getting Certified & Implementing Supplier Evaluation

When it comes to everything about your company you will have to get familiar with the need of getting certified in a few aspects and elements. Otherwise, you will have a lot of problems trying to operate as a company and being successful at it. In this case, you will have to focus on getting certified in something specific: Supplier Evaluation.

All companies need to conduct one at least once a year, and although an expert or qualified professional can do it for them, the best option is to always conduct it yourself.

But, why?

Well, this evaluation is very similar to an audit, and with knowing this only you can imagine that information and some data from your company will be involved in the entire evaluation. However, not all of it, only the one related to the supplier and the contract you have with it.

That being said, the reason you are here reading this right now means you have already made the decision of conducting this evaluation in your company whenever it is necessary. And we are quite happy you decided to do it because, as we mentioned before, it is the best option for something as important and delicate as this evaluation is.

But before starting to understand and learn about how you can conduct it you must learn about all the elements and aspects involved with it. In the first place, ISO standards also apply for the need of conducting this evaluation, and here is when you will hear and read about an ISO you might be familiar with already: ISO 9001.

This one is known for providing guidelines and all the requirements companies with auditing processes or purposes need to follow and meet in order to conduct them properly.

Although this evaluation doesn’t have the “audit” word anywhere, it applies and qualified in this ISO. After all, we already mentioned it is quite similar to Supplier Audit although the goals, parameters, and most benefits are completely different.

That being said, let’s focus on ISO 9001 for now. When you implement a standard, you will need to get certified in it to ensure you are able—in this case—to conduct this evaluation properly.

If you are not familiar with Supplier Evaluation at all, that means you don’t know how much work and time it takes. You see, companies that have to conduct it need to invest a lot of time and sometimes, resources in order to ensure the entire process to be a success.

However, most of the expenses come from the need of making changes, acquiring resources and specific tools as well as implementing some extra standards. In simpler words, you have a long way to go and although money is important, we don’t think it will be the worst of your worries.

What does it take to get certified in Supplier Evaluation?

Benefits-Supplier Evaluation-ISO PROS #36

Going back to the main reason you are here, let us tell you something: getting certified is difficult and at the same time, it is not. You see, companies are always struggling with certifications because they don’t understand the standards and regulations they have to follow and meet. But this isn’t something that will take you a lot of time or make you have a lot of headaches.

Instead, we consider that once you start reading a bit more about Supplier Evaluation each day and all the standards and regulations involved, it will be easier to understand them. Besides, you don’t have to do it alone either. To get certified, most companies resort to the support and assistance from the organization or validated company that gets them certified.

At ISO Pros, we are part of this team or group of companies you can rely on. Now, how do we help you to deal with everything? Our role in all this is to help you keep your ISO needs in check, including the ones related and involved with Supplier Evaluation.

This alone will take time and effort from both, you and us. Therefore, even with our help don’t think you can go around and do nothing to obtain your certification. Instead, you will have to work even harder to keep our pace and get certified in no time.


Is it worth to get certified?

Well, if you are considering the option of hiring another company to do it for you, you shouldn’t worry about all this process at all. Instead, start thinking about which company or expert you will hire to conduct this evaluation once a year—at least. Our company can also help you with this objective since we have auditing services available.

But if you want an honest answer about the previous question, here it is: it is completely worth it. Therefore, if you were considering the option of getting certified and go through all the trouble of implementing standards and following them, you should definitely go for it. Conducting your own Supplier Evaluations allow you to gain more benefits that aren’t directly involved with the process itself but rather with the certification.

If you want to think about it differently: it is ten times better to be independent when it comes to audits and evaluations. So, what is it going to be? Will you get certified or find someone to do it for you? If you decide to go for the certification option make sure to contact us.

Our team of experts, auditors, and specialists will help you with every aspect and element involved in this process. Starting with ISO 9001 and implementing the other standards required for you to conduct the best and perfect evaluation for your company and its suppliers. There is a lot of work to do, so the sooner we start, the sooner you will be able to start conducting them.

What does it take to have us supporting and certifying you? Only a call, email, or a message using our contact form below. We have more information available on our website as well if you want to discover more about Supplier Evaluation.